The Changing Nature of Community Service

As our communities change, so does North Mason Rotary. For example, we find that a growing number of Belfair families are without the means to have what the rest of us know as Christmas. So we organize - join together the efforts of our members with those of Lions and Kiwanis, get help from the Belfair Food Bank, local stores, banks and churches and help 135 families with our Giving Tree program.

Then, we discovered the children of North Mason County had nowhere to play and we organized. Together with the Theler Center, our members of North Mason Rotary donated the play set now at Theler by both funding and constructing what is there today.

Even Belfair's youth is involved. Within North Mason High School is a Rotarian social group made just for growing young boys and girls called Interact. Yes, North Mason Rotary sponsors Interact, provides them with tools to advance their own programs, provides scholarships for local college and junior collage-bound graduates but on their own, they make a difference both in the streets and classroom hallways of North Mason County.

Finding the money to build needed projects, to clean and maintain the "Entering Belfair" sign at Highway 106, help the Salmon Center fund their energy-free park and hiking trails - this all takes money. To raise the funds needed for our community projects, we host local events like the Taste of Hood Canal and Comedy Night in Victor. These community favorite events help pay for these little improvements and if you have ever attended one, we thank you for being a positive help to North Mason County.

North Mason County is growing. The needs created by new streets, new businesses and most importantly new residents continue to evolve the focus of North Mason Rotary. New sidewalk benches, new street signs and new trash cans will begin to appear in Belfair as part of the new Belfair beautification efforts which again, have us involved.

As our community grows and evolves, so does North Mason Rotary - and we need you. Our projects are getting bigger and we could use a few more hands. If you would like to meet many of Belfair's leaders and be a part our goal the have "Service Over Self", think about being a Rotarian. It might be the best thing to do for both the community and yourself.