North Mason Rotary is a cog in something turning and associated with the many other Rotary Clubs around the world.  To help organize our collective efforts and make them more accountable to our regional interests, every Rotary Club is part of a bigger “district.”  North Mason Rotary is part of District 5020.

In 1914, Division 15 was established which included the Rotary clubs of Seattle and Spokane, WA & Victoria and Vancouver, BC. Division 15’s first “district” conference (the first in the new Rotary world) was held in Tacoma, WA that year. In 1956 – 57, the geographical boundaries, as we know them were established. The District number change to 502 and later to 5020. District records are incomplete regarding names of past DG’s other than the ones listed here.  This history and a list of past District 5020 Governors can be seen at the Rotary Club District 5020 website.